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Protect your glass from criminal damage and potentially save thousands with Anti Graffiti window film by Dark Mode Window Tinting


Protect your glass from the Anaheim vandalizers

Dark Mode Window Tinting are experts in the installation of Anti-graffiti window films in the California area, Dark Mode Window Tinting are known to carry out quality window film services for your business that you can trust!

$12 billion each year to clean up graffiti in the United States

Graffiti within Anaheim, CA has been very costly to repair over the years. In addition to the damage to properties, graffiti can also be disruptive and offensive and leave a bad impression on your business. Dark Mode Window Tinting use a specialized anti-graffiti window film product can be installed to make cleanup easier, quicker and more importantly a lot cheaper than replacing the whole glass.


Public Transport

Anti-Graffiti film can be installed to help prevent damage to public transport locations.

Restroom mirrors

Anti-Graffiti film can be installed to restroom mirrors and other object in a restroom to help protect expensive mirrors from graffiti damage.

Escalator glass

Anti-Graffiti film can be installed to escalator glass and other glass type walls to prevent damage and glass replacement.

Bust Stops

Anti-Graffiti window film can be installed to bus stops to prevent glass etching.

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If you are considering anti graffiti window film for your business in Anaheim, CA here at Dark Mode Window Tinting we offer a free consultation to help you decide if this is the right solution for you. We will come to your business and assess your needs, then provide you with a quote for the project. Our team has experience with all types of businesses, and we can customize a solution to fit your specific needs. In addition, here at Anaheim, we offer a warranty on all of our work, so you can be confident that your investment will be protected in the California area. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

The #1 Commercial Anti-graffiti window film installation services in the California area.

With the new technologies Kepler window films are bringing to this industry, we can offer a window film to solve almost any window related problem you may have. So whether you have a heat relates issue, or even a privacy related issue, here at Dark Mode Window Tinting we offer it all! Get in touch to day for a quick and easy quote

Gold's Gym

Window Film is used to stop the heat entering through the windows and keep the air-conditioning bills down along with make it a better environment for Gold’s Gym members.

Best Buy

Neutral window film is used for privacy and aesthetics on the front of Best Buys building. Not only will this make the building look better, but it will also stop a huge amount of heat from entering the building.

Office block

Kepler Ecliptic 28 is installed on this office block building to help with glare-related issues and keep the air conditioning costs down. This film can stop as much as 60% of the heat from entering the building.

Chase Bank

Chase was having an issue with heat entering through the windows, they decided to opt for a light ceramic window film which is designed to stop the heat from entering through the glass while still being able to see in.

Dark Mode Window Tinting anti-graffiti window film FAQ

Here at Dark Mode Window Tinting we pride ourself in not only our anti-graffiti window film abilities, but also our customer/business relationships as well! We have compiled some FAQ’s that we get from our valued Anaheim customers.

Anti graffiti window film is a clear film that is applied to glass surfaces in order to protect them from vandalism. The film we use here at Dark Mode Window Tinting is very tough and durable and can keep your Anaheim premises protected , it can be removed without damaging the underlying surface. Once the anti graffiti window film has been removed, the glass surface should be cleaned and polished in order to restore its original shine.
It can depend on the job and the area that needs to be installed with anti-graffiti window films. Here at Dark Mode Window Tinting we never rush the process which has ensured us to be the number 1 installers of anti-graffiti window film in Anaheim

Anti graffiti window film we use here at Dark Mode Window Tinting is an investment that can protect your , California property from costly damage. The film works by creating a barrier between the glass and the graffiti, allowing you to simply peel off the graffiti without any scrubbing or chemicals. The cost of anti graffiti film varies depending on the size and type of glass, but typically ranges from $5 to $15 per square foot depending on the job type. While the initial investment may be significant, anti graffiti film can save you money in the long run by protecting your property from expensive repairs that can occur in Anaheim.

The anti-graffiti window film we use here at Dark Mode Window Tinting can be installed on all glass, but we don’t recommend installing it on glass that is low risk (for instance glass that is high up and hard to damage) This is why here at Dark Mode Window Tinting we offer to send out our consultant who can access the project and give you the most cost effective quote.

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